Many medicines and other medical supplies are unusable by drug companies, the NHS and pharmacies due to the proximity of their expiry, labelling changes or other reasons and are destroyed. With well-organised logistics these can be transported to healthcare providers in other countries in good time for their safe use.


Hospitals and Clinics in resource poor countries often have insufficient medicines and medical supplies for their needs and lack the funds to rectify this. In general, almost any such would be welcomed somewhere and in as great a quantity as possible.

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2019 BNF Delivery

This week we completed our 2019 BNF deliveries to hospitals in Nepal. The BNF books provide an invaluable source of information about licensed drugs and their use. We were delighted to send both the adult


We have received a very kind letter of thanks from Prof. Dr Risikesh Narayan Shreshta, Medical Director of Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital for a delivery of BNF text books to their hospital.

2 billion people in the world have no access to medicine. The Access to Medicine Index gives insight into what the pharmaceutical industry is doing to improve this situation. The Access to Medicine Index independently ranks pharmaceutical companies’ efforts to improve access to medicine in developing countries. Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the UK and Dutch governments, the Index has been published every two years since 2008.